eDiscovery in SA - A rare opportunity for Cape Town

I have mentioned many times that I am fortunate to know and have worked with eDiscovery specialists from all over the world and many have become lifelong friends. Two of those Billy Hyatt and Aaron Vick who are CEO and Chief Strategy Officer of Cicayda - a US eDiscovery provider, are paying a flying visit to SA and will be with me in CT for a short time. On Tuesday the 10 October we will be spending the day together and hopefully seeing contacts. 

I have known Billy and Aaron for more than 10 years, worked with them and we are in regular contact. They have huge experience of the global eDiscovery market and have been involved in a number of eDiscovery companies as well as their own before working with Cicayda. 

Of course it will be great for me to see them as we have a lot to discuss but I see this as a tremendous opportunity for CT too. If anyone wants to share a a chat and a coffee on 10 October in CT with us do not hesitate to contact me quickly as we will have  a full day. SA does not often have the chance to meet and talk with global industry experts in this field and CT has this one off opportunity right now. Do not miss this if you have any interest in eDiscovery. Email me on ediscovery@terryharrison.co if you want to take advantage and set up a meeting. Remember the date - Tuesday 10 October!