eDiscovery in SA - Cyanre/Lextrado staff end of year event

I was very happy to accept an invitation to attend this company end of year event, although my only qualification for doing so is simply because my wife Waseema works for Lextrado!

During my working life I have held and been invited to numerous such events so you may wonder why I am writing about this one. It held all of the usual content in terms of good food and drink, great venue, internal humorous awards and excellent company, but there was something extra. Not only were all of the staff of the two sister companies invited, but also their partners and children. The attention to detail in making it a wonderful event with so much aimed at the children was inspiring. Lots of activities including the hiring of a children’s entertainer and especially individual Xmas gifts to each child as well as to each staff member and family contributed to the atmosphere. 

The traditional company speech, given by MD Danny Myburgh thanking all of the staff for their efforts was punctuated with appreciation to partners and families for putting up with, the, at times, unfriendly hours necessary in the forensics and eDiscovery industries.  However, there was more which really struck a note with me. It was so obvious that this company genuinely cares about, not only the staff, but their families too and it was equally obvious that the staff appreciate that fact making the place of work a very happy environment. 

There is an old saying that, as an employer, if you look after your employees they will look after your clients and this truism certainly applies here. You may ask what all of this has to do with eDiscovery in SA? Cyanre/Lextrado is the longest standing, and most successful company in SA in the fields of forensics and eDiscovery. Their vision, track record and enviable client list is second to none and with specific regard to eDiscovery I see them as the best service provider in SA. I wish them everything of the best for the future and know that we will continue to find ourselves working together for the betterment of the eDiscovery industry in South Africa.