eDiscovery in SA - Blog awarded Top 60 eDiscovery blog

This is the 55th blog post I have written on eDiscovery in SA since May 2015 and this post announces that my blog has just been awarded a place in the Top 60 global eDiscovery blogs by Feedspot. It is ranked 54th in the world at the moment and it is up to me (and you!) to keep it there or even progress it farther up the list. When I look at those blogs above mine, and I do regularly, as they come direct to my desktop, I see so many where the authors or companies are very well known to me and they are people for whom I have the highest regard. Some are personal friends and people with whom I have worked for many years like Chris Dale (whose blog on eDiscovery is the very best in my opinion!) and Andrew King in New Zealand who is doing fantastic work there. 

It is people such as Chris and Andrew who have inspired and motivated me to do all that I can to bring eDiscovery to SA. Furthermore, if one looks at the rest of the list many are much more internationally known and respected than I am and, frankly, I am thrilled to be in their company in the world of eDiscovery.  Understandably, more than 90% of the Top 60 eDiscovery blogs emanate from USA which makes it even more rewarding for the likes of Andrew and myself to sneak into this list. In Andrew’s case NZ is a small country (less than 5m population, I believe) and for Andrew to have his blog rated this high is a testament to what he has achieved in putting NZ on the global eDiscovery map. 

In my case, my blog is the only one in the Top 60 not only from SA but from any country described as a Third World or developing country. That makes me proud, not for me or my ego, but for the emerging industry of eDiscovery in SA.

Humble thanks to you all

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