eDiscovery in SA - Changing the Uniform Rules, POPIA, hosting in the cloud, and child adoption in SA

Firstly, sincere thanks to all who sent work anniversary wishes and congratulations - very much appreciated and hard to believe it is 5 years!

I thought we should take a look and see where we are in SA on these matters. Changing the Uniform Rules to incorporate eDiscovery has been and still is, as regular readers know, my mission. It is now almost 5 years since I embarked on the journey and more than 2 years since I presented to the High Court Committee of the Rules Board. You will also know that with the help of the Law Society of SA (as was!) we drafted simple brief amendments and submitted them to the Rules Board and then we waited and waited. Two weeks ago I received a response from the Rules Board to my latest request for an update and the text of the reply is as follows:- “The Board is in the process of finalising the composition of the Task Team that is to deal with the e-development of the Rules. Once finalised, the Team will commence its work, with attention focused initially on the area of e-discovery.” Subsequently, I have offered advice and assistance from myself and others in SA together with people from the UK and New Zealand who have been involved in changing the Rules in their respective countries. So, now you know as much as I do as to where we are on this. Will it happen? I am sure it will. When will it happen? I have no idea. Why does it take so long? Because this is South Africa.

eDiscovery in SA - Fantastic solution in SA for medico-legal and commercial fields

I have mentioned many times over the last 4 years that one of the greatest challenges here in SA is that so many good software solutions emanate from the US, UK or Australia with pricing in their currency which does not translate well into our economy. Imagine how my interest was sparked when I came into contact with a hardware and software solution which is actually developed here in SA and therefore priced for this market. This is a really really excellent solution with a variety of uses, including eDiscovery, and after all of my questions were answered I am left excited about where this can take us.

The product is called ColdCall - www.coldcall.cc/ - and in simple terms it records every telephone call made and received on the cell phone but also does a whole lot more. I recently met one of the founders of this solution, the eminent neurosurgeon Dr Adriaan Liebenberg who gave me all the details. Let us take a brief look at how it works in the fields of medicine, legal and the commercial world and then examine how it can aid eDiscovery.