eDiscovery in SA - Basic guide to Technology Assisted Review for SA

TAR, or as some say, predictive coding is arguably the most important feature of eDiscovery technology. It has actually been around since 2010 but become more used as the years (and the technology) have progressed. Now in the UK, US and Ireland, that I know of, there have been decided cases advocating or ordering its use in appropriate cases. I also know it is used in other parts of the world but as yet it has not been used in SA to the best of my knowledge and belief. Perhaps that is not surprising given that we do not even have eDiscovery as part of our Uniform Rules but it does not mean that this fantastic technology cannot be used here right now if the case warrants it. 

eDiscovery in SA - Global eDiscovery happenings and in South Africa a new President!

First and foremost I offer my sincerest gratitude to all who read and support my blog, especially those from within SA. The news that my eDiscovery blog had found 54th place in the world was viewed by well over of 1000 of you. Thank you for reading and for all your comments and support.

There is a lot happening around the world on eDiscovery judging by the volume and variety of information which comes across my desktop on a daily basis, far too much to disseminate and provide worthwhile interest to my target market here in South Africa. However, it is always good to see a snapshot of what is happening elsewhere as a kind of precursor to what may, eventually, happen here.

eDiscovery in SA - Introduction to Technology Assisted Review

Predictive coding is a type of machine-learning technology that enables a computer to help “predict” how documents should be classified based on limited human input. The technology is exciting……… because the ability to automatically predict document responsiveness has the potential to save organisations millions in document review costs.