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Is eDiscovery a “stain on our legal system”?

After publishing these words, Andy has “back tracked” a little by complaining about “..waste, inefficiency, antiquated workflows, extreme cost, poor technology...” and commented that he feels the discovery process can be made better. That has always been the case as the technology has continuously evolved to make the discovery process better. The trouble is that to an extent the damage has already been done and these comments are exactly that, “back tracking”.

eDiscovery Relieves Time Pressure in Competition Cases

There is huge pressure to search, find, eliminate or otherwise, relevant data and documents and the deadlines are stringent. All of this can be done using eDiscovery technology in exactly the same way as for litigation cases.

Litigation Database Solutions’ Significant Impact on Case Assessment and Review

eDiscovery is about being clever with the way you review documents. It’s about picking the right search terms, using a good provider and having a proper hosting platform.