My Consultancy includes all aspects of the use of technology in litigation cases or regulatory investigations and revolves around the universally accepted Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

Independent advice, backed by my many years of experience and expertise, helps clients to develop strategies, processes and implementation of appropriate software to overcome the challenges of the discovery process, reducing complexity and expense. My guidance can assist you to predict and control eDiscovery costs and meet your obligations relating to discovery rules.   

You would need assistance in deciding if technology is appropriate for your case or investigation and if so, which technology and processes. You would need assistance in selecting a service provider. You would need assistance in agreeing the costs of the service provider and the scope of their services. You may need assistance with your client as to the benefits of the use of technology for his case. You may need assistance in project managing the case throughout.

I provide all of the above. Everything from a single hour of consultation and advice, to a full blown management of the project, wherein I can act as a conduit between a law firm and/or the client and the service provider.